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Any United States citizen shall be eligible for membership in Murray Stuart Post No. 566 of The American Legion, who was accepted for, and assigned to active duty, either as a Commissioned Officer or a member of the Enlisted personnel with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard of the United States, or any of the Allies of the United States, between April 6, 1917 and November 11, 1918; December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946; June 25, 1950 and January 31, 1955; December 22, 1961 and May 7, 1975; and August 2, 1990 until the cessation of hostilities as determined by the United States Government, all dates inclusive and received an honorable discharge therefrom.

For more information, contact the post phone number, 610-461-4134, drop by the Post Canteen and pick up an application, or send us an email including your name, phone number, dates of service and best time to contact you. You will need a copy of your DD214 to verify service. Active duty members need only show their military ID. We look forward to seeing you!